Self-reliant craftsmanship has not been so hip for years. On the Underground young and old sit with crochet hooks in the corner and work away on their own clothes or, perhaps, a new scarf for a nephew, a sister. Alternatively, they just do it for the fun of it.

We connect our washing machines by hand, fit our own lamps, build our new IKEA furniture and can even conjure up a roast duck without a recipe which, nevertheless, tastes like it is haute cuisine. Spending money to rely on help from others still goes on, of course, but if you can do it yourself, then this option is becoming less and less popular.

It is similar when it comes to filing a tax return, which more and more ordinary people do themselves. Why throw money for an expensive tax accountant out of the window, if you can provide the necessary information about income and expenses yourself? After all, this is no longer a form of sorcery as we'd like to prove to you now.


It takes just a few minutes to be successful in this regard. In fact, it is worthwhile filing a tax return more often than not, especially so far as employees are concerned. Generally speaking, employees receive an average of between € 900 and € 1,000 paid back from the state. This is due, in short measure, to the fact that the tax authorities allow deductions for lump sum expenditure that have a tax-reducing effect.

But what about advertising costs, one-off expenses, medical expenses, donations and so on? Often, high expenditure in the course of a calendar year, which should, of course, be communicated to the tax office, simply isn't. Those who are afraid of doing so, must - in the end – bite the bullet.


You do not have to be a professor of mathematics to fill out a tax return yourself. What many people do not appreciate is that they do not need any specialist tax experience to secure a tax refund from the authorities.

With ELSTER's state tax software, any tax return can be submitted online. However, the forms that are used are more than incomprehensible to the average layman. In fact, some of it reveals a level of gibberish, which is rather strange.

As such, it is highly advisable to switch to other tools which, although they are commercially available to businesses, make life easier for individuals, as well. With such tools, even inexperienced people are in safe hands. The biggest advantage is that tax-optimised returns can be created still using an online tool. At the end of the process, as with the state's own software, your income tax return is transmitted electronically to the tax office via the so-called ELSTER interface.


With, you can fill out your own tax return without having to book a tax seminar in advance.

When you enter your data into the easy-to-understand input templates with us, you'll see at any time how much tax you will be refunded, thanks to our tax calculator, and whether or not any tax declaration is worthwhile in your case.

Further advantages include:

  • No complicated tax forms.
  • Information will be automatically inserted into the right form.
  • Ideally suited for those people who have little time and are not very familiar with tax issues.
  • Takes account of all costs and lump sum expenditure which arise due to working practices.
  • is recognised by all German tax authorities.
  • Thanks to the numerous packages which are integrated into our tool, many types of expense can be deducted.

For example, these include:

  • Telephone and Internet costs.
  • Insurance.
  • Removal expenses.
  • Travelling expenses.
  • Childcare costs.
  • Household services.
  • Application documents.
  • Union fees.
  • Healthcare costs.
  • Studying expenses.
  • Retirement provision.
  • Voluntary work expenses.
  • Renovation and upgrade costs.
  • Etc.

The best thing is, you only have to win yourself over. Making tax returns yourself these days is as simple as sending an e-mail.